Friday, February 18, 2011

The Write Stuff Conference (Pre-Conference)

We are almost one month away from the Write Stuff Conference and I am so excited!! I am all registered and ready to go. I got into page cuts which I'm so happy about. Pages cuts is a limited workshop of 36 people. In this workshop they read the first page of your novel out loud and three people such as editors or agents critique it.

I also have an appointment with one of the agents that I am so excited to meet. She represents paranormal romances and is looking for new authors. I'm hoping that she will be willing to support my novel. Fingers crossed!!

Aside from her, I will be talking to several other agents about my novel. Last year when I went I had four agents interested in my work. Unfortunately they all have declined over this last year, but I have new hope for this year. I feel like my novel is finally ready to be published where as last year I wasn't so such. I'm determined to see DARK GUARDIAN  in bookstores even if I have to self-publish (If I do, it won't happen for a few years).

I have been working to get my manuscript in shape before I go to the conference. That way when they ask to see my novel I can email it to them the next day. Last year I wasn't that prepared, and I asked for time to work on it before I sent it to the agent, which she was fine with, but it would be nice to just be able to send it off. The conference is also a great time for me to learn new tools. I get to go to several workshops and learn how to become a better writer.

After the conference is over, I will let you all know how it went.

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