Wednesday, September 12, 2012

First Excerpt

Okay guys, here is a very small except. Now keep in mind, this will probably be in the final version, but my novel is still a work in progress, so it might change or be deleted altogether.

Kara paused on her way to the car, the moon catching her eye.
“Creepy isn’t it?” Alex asked glancing behind her.
“I’ve never seen that before,” Kara said. “Why is it red?”
Alex shrugged, “People have different theories. Some say it's global warming and some say black magic. There are some legends about vampires that go with that moon.”
“Vampires? I thought werewolves were tied to the moon?”
“It’s crazy, right?”
“Crazy,” Kara murmured.
Before Kara got in the car, she looked nervously out into the forest in my direction. She must have felt someone watching her. Afraid she might see me, I backed further into the trees. The wind howled and whipped the branches around causing Kara to shiver.

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